I Welcome You


I Welcome You
The moment has arrived and you are finally here....WOW! I am so grateful that I was patient.

Sometimes we don’t even know what it looks like, what it feels like, or who they are.
We are waiting for this and that or him or her and we don’t know what it would be like.
Other times we don’t know what we are waiting for, yet we know that it is missing in our life. The part of I don’t know or the space where we sit patiently waiting is just as important as winning the lottery. Suddenly the shift happens, new life enters and it is a new beginning. Here I celebrate you.

So everyday we must prepare our hearts to welcome the beautiful day. Because today could be the day. Then you arrive....you breathe and connect with the presence within.


Then it arrives ……the experience or feeling of self-worth and peace is here!.....or

He or she shows up…..the one you have always desired!.....or

In one precious moment ….truth is spoken and healing begins!.....or

One fine day it’s here…….the business or career opportunity you deserve!.....or

A miracle …….the Cancer is gone!.....or

You make a healthy choice……you take care of your anger! …or

You stand up for yourself……and say NO to your addiction!.....or

The morning sunshine is felt…..the depression is gone!....or

The moon light gives you courage …..to ask her to marry you!....or

The darkness gives you no choice…….you leave the abuse!

AND yes the abundance arrives…..it may come as money or as sacred love or the richness of a joyous relationship!

Life has burdens because we are attached to other people’s dreams or our own illusions.
Patience and trust has a way of lifting our hearts and allowing us to experience our days with joy. Faith keeps fear from controlling us. Once fear is acknowledged and released the energy can flow and allow the universal plan to take over. When it happens life is different.

I don’t know until I know!.....but all I know is we are all worthy of love, peace and abundance.

Just as we do in springtime, the seeds are planted and we wait patiently for the bloom.



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