Our change of life creates physical and emotional challenges. Don't separate from your authenticity.

The question I asked my body was answered for me. It is a time to release the tears or sadness from deep within the memories of my soul. I will be with my tears as they are released from my heart and my body with the flow of the energy that I allow to lift me to the river of clarity. I am here to heal with my mind, body and spirit….every stage of my life brings me to the presence of heaven over and over again.

I will not resist change and I welcome a new ageless beauty…. The union of my healing body with the wisdom of my spirit.
I am grateful for the understanding.

After 9 years, I found a clinic run by Dr. Pettle and his wife Carol (Toronto Canada).  They treat menapause with bio-identicles. Natural hormone replacement derived from plants.  I am sleeping better and feel very supported naturally.  I had to go down every pathway to find a solution for me. Physically I am feeling younger and stronger!!!  Why not!  My mind, body, spirit and heart  can continue to benefit from this journey.

 My change of life and menopause years, have taken me to many rebirths of new parts of myself. Letting go of the lies, beliefs and habits that no longer serve me can die when I take care of my emotional past. I look forward to the rest of my life. Instead of seeing myself in a negative way as I am aging physically I connect with every part of me that is alive and free.  The authentic love within reflects in my world.

The change of life can be a truly magnificent time for all women Take the time to use the darkness and the struggles to move into more living and loving.

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