Our change of life creates physical and emotional challenges. Don't separate from your authenticity.

Every age and every stage brings us to change. With my experience of my change of life, it has taken me to a deeper understanding and awareness of my own personal health and well-being. My menopause hasn’t been an easy time, but it is important for me to continue to search for ways and holistic solutions so that I can share my journey with my daughters. Every change is personal for each woman, but I believe that we all desire to be free and feel strong, vibrant, joyous, loving, peaceful, sexual, healthy, youthful and wise.

There is a sense of knowing that the Goddess still lives fully during and after the incredible ride of menopause. I am so grateful for my understanding and patient husband Bruce, who has been so supportive as I find my way to the other side with my emotional and physical dark time. I know that I am stronger and feel the freedom of my change of life.


For many years now I have been taken to places in my mind and body all night long as the time ticks and the darkness seems much longer than the light of day.
Getting to know myself through the heat flashes of menopause I try to observe and unite with this relationship with my hormones. The hot flashes persist during the day but distractions keep me going, in the sleepless hours I can be totally present.

I can see how women have gone crazy with the symptoms of this time period called the change of life. I have heard translations like the menopause is a pause from men. My husband gets to watch me as I peel my clothes off when the surge of fire screams through my body taking my breath away. I become wet with the tears of my body and I turn to him and say I am untouchable…I am sorry. He is so caring and compassionate as I search for holistic approaches to ease my discomfort.

I can remember my mother and her mood swings and the days that she could not cope. I now understand why….she didn’t have the support I have and the wisdom of the women’s club embracing this threshold of the ageing Goddess. The insights and education in articles were not as helpful as they are now.

One night I started to speak to my body and ask her questions around this experience.
I plead with my body and quietly feel the sadness and tiredness within my heart. I have stopped drinking coffee long ago and even my weekend decaf has been stopped….no more chocolate….lots of water….healthy veggies ….alcohol is not interesting to me because it ignites the fire ….a few sips of red wine occasionally for celebration must be okay! I exercise daily along with my on-going emotional fitness program where I release the past and present fears, angers, self doubt and disappointments that creep up at any moment.

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