Hand in hand with confidence and self-worth. How to create your authentic, attractive presence.

We are living in a world where the illusion of how we look and what we achieve creates the importance of who we are and who is going to notice.

Confidence comes from our external attachments and achievements. Feeling good about our self and being confident connects when we have accomplishments that feed our confidence. Our physical appearance and weight loss, intelligence, exciting career, loving relationships and friends, nice car and house, great clothes, talent, success and money become the result orientation of being pro active and involved in our life.


Even if we have achieved an abundance of money, are good looking or have alot of talent we may be blocked because of fear and self-doubt. Our life experiences and relationships may have affected us in a negative way. Something may seem to be missing and this feeling of lack can affect everything.

Self-Worth comes from an internal connection that involves self-love, wisdom, purpose, passion, appreciation, compassion, respect,consciousness, wellness, gratitude, joy, unconditional love and contentment. You can reach worthiness in the silence of the moment and this gift of presence acknowledges self-worth.

Our internal sacred space connected to emotional and spiritual wellness together with our open heart grows our self-worth and strengthens our confidence. It is all connected and important as confidence walks hand in hand with self-worth…..in this union we can feel good in our skin. Confidence or self-worth can be the pathway to each other. 

A confident experience can connect us to the feelings of worthiness or love and our connection to self-worth can create a confidence that achieves.

I had lots of confidence because I physically looked good by putting myself together in a healthy and fashionable way. At this time my self-worth was very low. I looked good but I felt bad about myself.

I can remember this dark time in my life when my relationships abandoned me and life reflected loss and emptiness. This was my perfect time to take a leap of faith and begin to change my life from the inside.

All of my illusions were being shattered and I needed to shift the way I lived and loved. I had to love my-self enough and reject the lies of not being good enough or worthy of love, abundance and peace. What we think about our self can reflect our outer world. So where do we start?

Staying connected, balanced and healthy should be constant in our daily lives.
Below is a check list to help us keep the connection to our self-worth and confidence.

* Believe in ourselves and trust that our life will support us.

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