Having The Awareness That The Mirror Has Two Faces.

We can be nice to people and behind their back we may judge and criticize them.
This kind of behavior unconscious or conscious creates separation in our hearts and in the relationship.

Eventually our negative feelings will hurt us and others. Negative feelings uncared for become unhealthy barriers to authentic love.


The uncomfortable feelings that rise up within us or the relationship are our responsibility. What we do with them is important. Have the awareness that the negative emotional charge triggered by another or an experience is ours to take care of. This awareness lifts the veil of denial and illusion.

When we are not truthful and we pretend to like someone while our judgment and critical eyes continue to make them wrong the relationship becomes false and unsafe.

Spending time with people who judge and criticize us trigger our feelings of not being good enough or unlovable. As we develop uneasy and un-natural behaviors with someone our judgments become the lies that separate the love in our heart.

Walking on eggshells defines an unhealthy relationship with secrets that become the undercurrent with negative thoughts in us or in them. Either way it is our issue and it is time to own the feelings that judge.

Blaming anyone silently or openly stops us from seeing the truth and disconnects our heart from joy in our life.

Use the negative experience to breathe into our emotional body. Allow our breath to take us out of judging our self or others. Acknowledge our true feelings as our breathing releases the emotional charge that closes our heart. Forgive the other person and our self. Feel open to the presence of compassion. Breathe.

Allow any person who triggers negativity to be the mirror of any emotions we need to feel.

Instead of reacting with critical judgment, breathe and respond with a truthful heart.

Become real as we face fear, judgment or self-doubt.

Make the choice to put our healthy, unconditionally loving and authentic face on for all of our relationships by breathing into any discomfort within.

Our life is the mirror reflection of what we need to take responsibility for….this is authentic.

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