24 Hours & The Gift Of A Second Chance


24 Hours & The Gift Of A Second Chance
A day in a life with Mary and a chance to do it differently.

9:00 am My boss opened my door with his critical voice…I said, “I appreciate your feedback but I don’t like how you project your anger.”
For the first time, I felt my boss respected me…we had a productive meeting. I took responsibility for important points I had missed and he showed me the strong parts of the presentation that he thought was very powerful.  I know now that he can be a great mentor for me. Our communication together was clear and honoring.

9:30 am– 12:30 pm I could see that he was under pressure, I had compassion. I told him that I would re-vamp the project within the week. We were open to each other’s ideas. It felt good!


12:30 pm I invited my assistant to join me for lunch, we discussed the new deadline. I wanted her to know how much I appreciated her. We make a great team.

1:30 pm I felt so connected and my afternoon flowed…accomplishing so much, I didn’t have to bring work home and compromise family time.

5:30 pm I had time to go to the gym and pick up healthy groceries for dinner. While I was driving home my husband called and said he would pick up the kids.

6:00 pm When I arrived home I could feel my joy and the kids ran up to greet me.

6:30 pm Mike and I made dinner together, we enjoyed family time. Neil talked about a conflict at school…I asked him how he felt. He felt angry and his dad shared with him an experience just like his, involving a bully. I shared how I don’t see my boss that way any longer…I stood up for myself today, feeling respected.

9:00 pm Mike and I tucked the kids into bed together telling them how proud we were of both of them.  We prayed together and each one of us shared our blessings of the day.

9:30pm While in the bath I took time to feel any anxieties of the day…I put my hand on my heart and felt the gift…

10:00pm I lit some candles in our room and Mike and I opened our hearts, intimately talking about struggles and successes of our day. Our relationship deepened as we held each other in our arms, feeling gratitude.

                               Wednesday March 11, 2012

                                               6:00 am

                           Mary woke up to her life worth living!

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