When You Are On Your Map


When You Are On Your Map
Being on the right map does not always mean smooth sailing. Sometimes the opposite is true.

In 23 years of reading for my clients, I clearly saw self defeating patterns rising again and again no matter what clients tried to change direction. When I realized I was being shown a Map, my coaching and instruction changed radically. Maps can be studied, read, consulted and counted on.

The Map I write about in, The Map: Finding the Magic and Meaning in Your Life is found in your subconscious. You see, it is your subconscious map that shows up in your outer life. So look around. How are your circumstances lining up these days?


What do you do when you realize that your current emotional landscape hasn’t changed for a long time? Maybe you have just realized you are with an “unavailable” partner who is eerily just like your last partner.

Or, maybe you find yourself in another dead end job being disrespected and discounted. Or, perhaps you’ve noticed that you keep ending up around negative people. Remember, your emotional landscapes (your unconscious and unexpressed feelings) are what makeup your outer experience.

When you experience the same landscape again and again, it’s a sign that you haven’t yet learned the lesson being presented there. Yes, you may feel you’ve done all the work, but if the landscape is the same, there must be something there you have not yet seen.

Expecting stormy landscapes is not negative. Life deals you plenty of disappointments, especially when you come upon an anniversary of a loss or event that caused pain.

After all, you are on an adventure of life that has its dramatic elements. You can’t avoid frustrating landscapes altogether. Challenges are part of the human experience. Indeed, some places on our maps call us back repeatedly year after year.

Ironically, if you resist the places on your emotional map that call you back for return visits, you will never escape the loop of emotional pain. When you avoid your emotions, you will continually fall into circumstances that force you to feel them.

Heart Dynamix™ the Relationship Coaching module of the Master Intuitive Coach Institute, is particularly helpful in unwinding the emotional tangle holding you in the past. Heart Dynamix™ can help you have the best possible understanding, communication and interaction with all the important people in your life.

When you learn to navigate the slippery slopes after your emotional storms, you will make your way forward. Having compassion for yourself for not being here right now actually brings you back to the present. And, as you learn to work with your map, you increase your power to remain in the present, to leave a difficult landscape when you’re meant to, and to avoid unnecessary trips to lands of sorrow!

In case you think you are in this alone, you are definitely not. Spirit is nudging you to live more in the present. Remember, since much of your interaction with your map is unconscious, you will tend to keep getting snapped back into traumatic emotional landscapes.

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