Weight Loss An Endless, Hopeless Cycle? Take This Quiz!


Weight Loss An Endless, Hopeless Cycle? Take This Quiz!
Are you perennially single or a bit of a hermit? You may be Clarisentient. Find out more now!

As the old proverb says, "It takes one to know one." If you are a person who feels too much, you are in good company. With my proven techniques you will learn to manage your empathy, make better choices including the “body” cues that you have not been aware of and how to release the weight of the world.

Learning to manage difficult emotions will help you release excess weight like nothing else. Once you learn and practice my easy energy deflecting protection techniques, you will finally be able to release the excess weight accumulated on your physical body and live happily without it!


Action Step:

In anticipation of Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much publication, I am super excited to be offering Weight Release Energetix™ beginning in June as the next module in http://MasterIntuitiveCoachInstitute.com. All coaching students go through the class to experience first hand the exercises (whether you have the issue or not) to better help your clients. As an Intuitive Coach® you will learn how to apply a special creative intuitive process called IN-Vizion® to guide your clients to greater health and well-being!

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