Want to Find A Love Match before Valentine’s Day


Want to Find A Love Match before Valentine’s Day
Determined to change your luck this Valentine's Day? Here's how to find your way to Your Soul Mate.

With the right spiritual tools I can help you have a strong connection with your intuitive senses.  There is an exercise at the end of this article to help you access the physical experience of inner guidance you were born with the right to experience.

Don't get me wrong, I love giving readings just about more than anything else and teaching these universal truths rocks, but ultimately you will only see a shadow of Divine presence, power and perspective until you connect up to Spirit for yourself.


My intuition has led me on quite a journey in the last few years.  Marc and I have moved twice and now I am being challenged again to keep the birth of Master Intuitive Coach® Institute in the light and love of my intuitive wisdom and out of the hands of my Goblin who always checks to see if there is any ground it can reclaim. Oy!

I have found that courage has its own sweet reward.  Each brave decision I have made to embrace the parts of me who are not so pretty and admirable and to stop fearing the Goblin has resulted in blessing upon blessing.

Though I have times when I am afraid and uncertain, I have disciplined myself to go to the Map, go to the Map, go to the Map.   Checking in regularly with my route on my Inner Highway always empowers me to grow, heal, and strengthen my connection with Spirit.

Even when, no especially when things don’t make sense in the outer world it is always important to check inside, consult your Map to make sure you are still on route to your heart’s desire.

In matters of the heart, it is critical you be plugged in to your guidance.  The Divine has a glorious sense of humor and you will be surprised by love when it comes a calling.  If you are determined to change your luck in love this Valentine’s Day, call in the inner troops and make room for Love in the deepest part of you.

Here is an exercise to help you tune into your inner senses.  Each time you practice these processes you make it easier and easier to plug into your wisdom when you need it most.  Everytime you use your inner senses, inner sight, inner smelling, inner hearing, you strengthen your imagination.  Your imagination holds the reins of your intuition.


Find a comfortable place to sit and with feet flat on the floor, close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths.  With each breath feel as if gravity gets stronger and stronger.  Imagine that the earth itself is a magnet pulling you toward itself.

When you are feeling relaxed and centered, think of an apple.  Notice what form it takes.  What does the idea of an apple look like to you?  Do you see a black and white line sketch?  Do you see the word A-P-P-L-E?  Do you see a leaf on the stem?  Don’t pressure yourself, just notice what you notice.

Now, imagine a beautiful juicy Red Delicious,  Imagine touching it, smelling it.  Now, change it into a Granny Smith.  See the green skin.  Feel the firmness of the flesh. Good.  Now see it cut in half.

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