Might As Well Face It...You're Addicted to Shoes!


Is your debt mounting faster than your closet is running out of space? Here are 3 steps to freedom.

2. Take Charge of Your Mind: Stop letting your mind bully you. Your Goblin has one goal...to keep you stuck and feeling separated. Your goal is to simply catch yourself being negative. This is such a simple step, many people overlook it. As I love to teach, awareness is the first and most important step in change. So, pay close attention to how you talk to yourself and notice when what you say is self critical. When you catch yourself simply acknowledge the thought: "Oh, there is my Goblin again feeding me a line of bulls**t, I think I'll choose to change the channel!" 20 Reasons To Love And Appreciate Your Body

3. Meditate: I know I am being a broken record here, but I will never quit bugging you to meditate. Nothing quiets the mind better than sitting in an upright position with your eyes closed breathing consciously. Science proves that you change your brain wave frequency with this simple practice. Quieting your mind is an extremely powerful way to stop negative chatter and connect with your intuition. No excuses here, even if you just count your breath for 5 minutes in the morning and again in the evening you will profoundly impact your sense of well being. How Meditation Led Me To True Love


Remember, creating positive self-esteem always enhances your intuition. Sure, you feel good about yourself looking at a new outfit in the mirror, but that is just on the surface. When you feel good about yourself, your motivation to shop and your spending are not mindlessly compulsive. With clear intuitive filters, you can shop with wisdom and while you may have fewer pairs of shoes...you will feel truly beautiful.

Special Note: If you feel overwhelmed with the thought of wrestling control from your Goblin when it comes to self esteem, find a 12 step group in your town and get yourself some companionship along the way. You are not alone and don't need to face your addictions by yourself. 3 Simple Steps To Improve Your Self-Confidence

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