5 Reasons Stepping Into Fear Can Lead You To Love


5 Reasons Stepping Into Fear Can Lead You To Love
Online dating strike terror in your heart? Surprise...that is good news!

2. If you believe that fear is bad and to be avoided at all costs, that same fear grows into a Goblin.   Continual fear feeds your Goblin who then takes control and as a prisoner to it’s whims, you stay stuck, single and unhappy.

3. Your future partner has his own fears and over reactions, misperceptions and yes, his own Goblin. Without addressing your own fears, the two of you will mirror fear back and forth to one another in a crazy cycle of pain.


4. The biggest lie your Goblin whispers to you is that you are the only one who is as scared as you are. Ha! Everyone struggles with fear. When you hide your fears it is the height of self deception. And no one will push your buttons better than your soul mate. It is designed that way. Growth comes from conscious choosing, in spite of fearful reactions.

5. When Fear is controlling your mind, you are cut off from your Inner Wisdom, your god-given guidance. Your body is literally frozen inside, the flow of wisdom and love cut off from your consciousness. Loving and accepting your Goblin, embracing those broken parts of yourself needing love and healing opens you to the truth of who you really are.

Personally, I love when my clients whine about online dating. I frequently challenge them to get themselves a profile and simply use the ‘terror’ they feel to doctor their hearts. Seriously, simply looking through profiles can trigger strong reactions.

When you stand in those strong reactions and fearful feelings and tell yourself the truth that there is nothing life threatening here, you will disarm your Goblin. Practice saying things like:

“ I am not in danger, I am fine.” “ I wonder why I am over reacting.” “Even though I am fearful, I am willing to look underneath the fear to unearth clues to my happiness.” And of course, one of my faves from Louise Hay always soothes: “In this moment, I am safe and all is well.”

PS.. I met my husband online ... so there are amazing men on there !! You just have to believe you are ready to meet that person.. and let Spirit do the maneuvering. If you don't dive in, you won't catch the fish!

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