How To Use Oracle Cards To Find True Love, Part 3


How To Use Oracle Cards To Find True Love, Part 3
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Wherever you are on the soulmate attraction ladder, you can count on an Oracle Card reading to bring you a new perspective of your current situation. What’s really cool is that I got as much out of the reading as you all did.

Some people think that finding a soulmate is the goal. The goal is to create a life for yourself and your partner that honors both your individual Maps (will link to book here). Marc and I are lucky. We have a deep rapport that keeps us balanced, but. Did you hear that but coming?


My marriage will be 1000% hotter if I take to heart the message of the cards today and go Into the Unknown of the Spirit of Place. We really are all in this together. Single or cohabitating, nothing remains static. You will move to another level of expectation sooner rather than later. Once you nail the acceptance of the moment deal, your resistance to being married will melt.

Always remember and never forget, all of your power is right NOW, in this moment. May you be blessed with a blast of aha energy from the Spirit of Place right now.

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