Are You A Natural Born Coach?


Are You A Natural Born Coach?
Never has the need for qualified and certified Weight Release Coaches been more critical.

Ironically, People Who Feel Too Much are always attracting people who pour out their hearts and you probably have profound healing and counseling abilities yourself. I know it may be hard to believe it now but feeling “too much” is a profound asset, both personally and professionally.

One in five people are “intuitive empaths,” and many of those people are carrying around a lot of excess weight to physically distance themselves from others. Most are completely unaware that over sensitivity is at the core of their inability to change their relationship with food and maintain a healthy weight.


Never has the need for qualified and certified Weight Release Coaches been more critical. A generation of indigo, and crystal children in adult overweight bodies are floundering around out there thinking there is something wrong with them because they cannot overcome their addiction to food.   You could be the coach they are looking for. 

Have you ever been having a great day, minding your own business when all of a sudden a wave of cold dread hits you or a feeling of overwhelming sadness washes over you?

Do you have a lot of anxiety and find yourself eating mindlessly in your spare time?

Do you avoid large crowds and turn down social invitations even though you are achingly lonely?

Do you secretly wonder “What’s wrong with me?”

I know exactly how you feel. In the years before I graduated from the University of Self Created Drama, I not only had my own wildly swinging emotions to deal with, I also was like a cosmic sponge soaking up all the overflowing drama and trauma in the people I surrounded myself with.

The secret I discovered that changed my life is that what I thought was a curse was actually a blessing. Once I learned how to separate other people’s feelings from my own, everything changed. In my new book, Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much due for publication March 2013 worldwide, I detail the steps I took to not only survive but thrive using the very intuitive gifts I used to run from.

As a highly sensitive person, who feels the emotions of others in her own body, I mindlessly tried anything that would protect me from feeling too much. This is commonly referred to as “ clairsentience”.

If you suspect you might be a person who feels too much, start by taking this short quiz:  

Clairsentience is the intuitive ability to sense what is going on around you. Like a canary in the mine, you are the first one to know something is off in your environment. You can sense things that others miss, which enables you to “read” situations very well. Once you learn to use your abilities rather than hide them or distrust them, your life road will not be so bumpy.

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