Codependent? 7 Step Reality Check Process


 Codependent? 7 Step Reality Check Process
Do you have a codependent mindset sabotaging your dream before it can root itself and become real?

Manifestation continues to make headlines as stars like Jim Carrey, Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres tout manifestation techniques as part of their career strategy.

If you want the life of your dreams, say the gurus, keep picturing that new job or that perfect soul mate or new home will amazingly come to be, it must come to be.  It is Universal Law. 


With all that soul mate manifesting effort going on out there, did you ever notice how many people manifest more disaster, drama and trauma than they do true love? So what’s up? 

Did you see the Codependence Quiz? It looks like I struck a nerve.  One Facebook Fan asked:  “I see I am codependent, does that mean I am destined to attract the wrong people?”  Can you relate to that feeling?

Ever feel like you are doing all you can but all that manifests is the opposite of what you want?  Repeating patterns of codependent thinking always get you the same results.  Frustration and disappointment.

In my nearly 25 years of teaching seminars, working with clients, studying Universal Law and observing the lives of the people who are true manifesters walking the walk they talk, I see that most soul mate manifester wannabes are missing a critical element.

I have really good news for you.  I can help.  Many years ago, Spirit began showing me the patterns of human behavior in story form.  In song or story, it didn’t matter.  People are moved by the world I create to explain the unexplainable.  My best selling book, The Map: Finding The Magic and Meaning in the Story of Your Life points the way to all I have learned in the thousands of readings I have done.

If you are in a dry place with no sign of growth and expansion, it is Spirit's way of telling you to course correct. You want to be married, have a great career, write that book or find real happiness. In fact, you tell me that all the time how hard you are working at it.

What you don't have is a clear starting point.  The first step of any mapped out journey is where you are right now.  Ask yourself this key question: "Am I 100% at peace with my life as it is right now?" Can you let go of all focus on what you want for a minute and just be.

If something is not showing up for you.  Nothing is wrong. At some level you are fighting against what is and until you face your place,  you are doomed to an unending holding pattern.

Full attention on where you are NOW is always the true north star. Present time awareness is where you have access to the conscious creative choices that make for right decisions.

Your clues are in the people and circumstances that are “holding you back” or “frustrating you.”  Why? It is so easy to look at someone else and blame them for your bad fortune. When other people distract you, you are no longer present, right?

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