Decoding His 9 Most Annoying Behaviors


Dating Advice: His Most Annoying Behaviors Explained
Want your hubby to improve his communication? Give him an objective and motivation.

At that, you head to the kitchen, stick your hand into the cupboard, roll your eyes and hand him the cereal. Men often feel this is a trick so they accuse women of always hiding things from them: socks, shoes, underwear, car keys, wallets. They're all there, though; men just can't see them. 

What to do about it: Blame it on biology. Men's brains, being pre-wired for hunting, see a narrow field. They have to move their heads from side to side and up and down as they scan for “missing” objects. But because of women's history defending the nest, their brains decode information over a wider peripheral range, and they can see most of the contents of a refrigerator or cupboard without even moving their heads.


Why he hates shopping: For women, shopping can be rejuvenating and relaxing — even if we don't buy a thing. It's like talking. It doesn't need to have a specific point or objective and it can take place in an unstructured way over several hours. Twenty minutes or more of this type of shopping, however, drives men bonkers. Why? Because to them, it's not logical and seems to have no purpose.

What to do about it: Energize him. If your spouse desperately needs new clothes, there's only one way to motivate him to shop for them. He needs an objective, a target to hit and a timetable. So, give him clear criteria — colors, sizes, brands, styles — and tell him where you will shop and for how long. With clear objectives (even if you've invented them), you'll be amazed at a man's shopping enthusiasm! And who knows? Maybe he'll even buy something sexy for you!

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