Single at the Holidays: Do You Have Room in Your Life for a Man?


Single at the Holidays: Do You Have Room in Your Life for a Man?
Discover how to create space in your busy life for a relationship and the love you dream of.

Do you have room in your life for a man?  You may say you want to find love, but that’s not always the full story.There are some simple things to look at which can reveal your emotional state as "open and ready" or "not quite there yet". See if any of these signs provide clues to your situation.

1) Do you have a night table on both sides of your bed? Sounds like a silly question and rather simplistic, but this is a Feng Shui indicator of balance. You need two night stands for a balanced relationship and to demonstrate that you subconsciously think about two versus one. The symbolism of how you decorate your home cannot go unnoticed.


Same thing goes for art work. If you have a number of pieces featuring a single woman or animal, that represents how you view yourself. If you want to change the energy, make sure you hang these pieces outside of the bedroom. And you may want to replace some with art that has couple energy – anything that depicts two people, two boats, two birds, etc. will do.

I had a dating coaching client, Carla, who loved butterflies and had a favorite painting of a single butterfly in a filed of flowers in her bedroom. When we talked about this,she realized the butterfly represented how much she relished her freedom and independence! Carla immediately moved the painting to another room to shift the messasge she was sending to the Universe and replaced it with a pair of love birds to attract love.

2) Is your calendar so jammed that you say, "I don’t have time to date?" Well that’s a sure tip off of how you look at your single life. If you don’t have time to date, you don't have time for a man either. And that’s OK – it’s certainly your choice, but something to become aware of if you say you want love with the right man.

To find love, you'll need to make this one of your priorities. If you are a big planner, set time aside in your calendar at least once a week to focus on meeting men. Otherwise, you might never have the time to get out there and mingle.

3) Do you worry a love interest would rob you of your freedom? For many women who have won their freedom after divorce, or who are fiercely independent, this can be a deep concern. And a sign that you value your freedom more than a relationship. That’s your choice too of course.

Yet, if you do desire a loving partnership, you'll have to find a new perspective – that you can in fact, be in love and maintain a very healthy amount of freedom. It’s totally possible.

Here’s one symbolic move towards love you can make this holiday season.

Hang up an extra Christmas stocking. This is your stocking of expectation that love will come into your life within the next year. Next, put a few gifts in it to build on your intention. Maybe some chocolate, a pair of socks with hearts on them, a juicy romance novel where the hero finds love, a romantic chic flick with a happy ending, or lip balm to keep his lips kissable. You get the idea.

Don’t over fill it with your new found exuberance. Leave room for something fun and unexpected.

This article was originally published at It's Never Too Late for Love . Reprinted with permission.
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