Why The Time Is Now To Start Online Dating


Why The Time Is Now To Start Online Dating
Plus, seven tips to get you started!

3. Photos are everything. You don't need professional photos, but you do need good pictures that show you at your best. Your photo is the first thing people see so smile, dress nice and don't wear sunglasses. (People want to see your eyes!)

4. Write short emails. The point of emailing is to start a conversation. Comment on something from that person's profile and ask a question to get the ball rolling. Simple is best and humor works great.


5. Manage expectations. Surprisingly, the response rate online is not that high. For every 10 emails you send, expect only one or two responses. This is normal so don't waste time getting angry. Just move on to find fresh possibilities.

6. Set a timer. It's easy to get lost online which is why I recommend that my dating coaching clients set a timer for no more than 30-minutes in any one session to prevent overwhelm.

7. Be open to people. If you're looking for love online, be open to meeting some. It's easy to delete emails, but that won't get you any dates! The more you say "yes," the more people you'll meet. Dating is a numbers game, so play big and meet lots of prospects because you never know who could turn out to be Mr. Right.

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