Is It OK To Sleep Around If You're Honest With Everyone?


Dating Coach: How To Deal With Casual Sex
Vawn, of Bravo's "The New Atlanta" says he can sleep around... as long as he's honest.

4. If a man tells you he's not ready for a relationship, believe him! This is my "war cry" as a dating coach for midlife women. When a man tells you he's not looking for a relationship, isn't sure what he wants in his life, just wants to be casual or asks you to "hook up" or "hang out", these are RED FLAGS. Plenty of men are honest about where they are at. Unfortunately most women ignore this information, thinking "Sure, but he doesn't mean he wants to be casual with me." Newsflash: yes, he means with you!

To find my husband, I dated 30 guys in 15 months (my husband was #30!) One of the men I met (maybe #17) was a good looking, divorced lawyer. He was successful, very bright and good at conversation. After about an hour on the first date, he explained that he had a girlfriend currently, who wasn't "doing it for him any more" (his words).


He suggested that we get something going, and that if things went well, he'd dump his gal for me. I was stunned, but told him that didn't interest me and he could call me when he was single again. At least Mr. Lawyer had been honest; I believed what he said and acted accordingly.

5. If you are OK with casual, then be safe. Hey, I understand that not every woman wants a long-term committed relationship right now. Perhaps that is something for your future, but for now, you are good with hanging out. Nothing wrong with that. But, please be smart, be safe and use the appropriate precautions.

6. When feelings build for the casual man... If you feel yourself falling in love, even though you started out with no strings, it might be time to move on. Mr. Casual isn't often open to shifting into relationship mode. To keep things casual, don't spend too much time with the same guy or see him multiple times per week.

Most women tend to bond after intimacy. If you notice your thoughts evolving to love, be honest with yourself about how your dating objective has changed. You may also need to seek a new partner who has the same dating agenda for love.

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