Why Online Dating Doesn't Threaten Monogamy


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A response to Dan Slater's article "A Million First Dates."

From my perspective, there is nothing new about a romantic partner leaving a relationship for greener pastures. Whether people sought new company in bars, in singles dances pre-1995 or today online, lovers who want to move on will do so. Besides, online dating does not cause relationship dissatisfaction. As Alex Mehr, co-founder of Zoosk, says it in Reis's article, online dating doesn't make someone play the field. That's a result of personality.

I highly doubt that any of my dating coaching clients would agree with Slater's point — that it's easier to find a good mate today using the web than it was 18 years ago when people had to meet each other face-to-face. The only thing that may have changed is that people are less likely to get out from behind their computers to meet prospects in person. Yet, even Match.com — the king of the online dating industry — has started promoting live events so singles can meet face-to-face again.


I want to personally thank Professor Reis for being a voice of reason regarding Slater's article. As he says, the decline of monogamy is a much deeper and more complicated discussion than the impact online dating has made.

So, the mext time you want to meet someone, consider going online. Don't worry about falling prey to eroding morals. You, along with most other singles who are honestly looking for love, will be just fine.

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