Are Players The Big Winners Only On TV — Or In Real Life Too?


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Attracted to charming men and players? If you're looking for lasting love, it's time to look deeper.

Good Men Do Exist!
Let me assure you good men do exist in the dating pool, even though it may take some effort to find them. They are easily overlooked when compared to the irresistible charm of a player. One guiding principle I share with dating coaching clients is the "Ballpark Theory of Dating".

In the Ballpark Theory of Dating, the point is to stop dating players and start noticing all the other men in the ballpark which is huge! Men are everywhere, but you won't see them when you can’t stop focusing on players. If only "interesting" and "charming" men capture your attention, you'll never see the good men who want to make you happy. They are quality men who want what you want — a lasting romantic partnership.


Qualities that Signal Long-Term Potential
Looking for true love that can and last? Consider these qualities that most players sadly lack:

• Relationship ready
• Consistent pursuit
• Honest and open
• Interested in more than a hookup
• Curious to know you vs. talk about himself
• History of lasting relationships
• Ability and willingness to talk about things

On TV, players always get the girl, but don’t let that be true of your life. While they can be fun for a little while, charmers don't make solid partners or seek women for lasting love. Be bold and write your own love story vs. the one television portrays for a happy ending and a love that's worthy of a wonderful woman like you.

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