Body Confidence: 4 Myths Preventing You From Finding Love


Don't Let Your Weight Stop You From Finding Love
Are you letting those few extra pounds stand in the way of love? Well, stop!

3. Love just isn't for me:
I worked through this issue very slowly because it was so deeply rooted in my persona as a feeling of inadequacy around the ability to love and be loved. My first step toward healing was to understand what true love meant. It wasn't sex, beauty or attractiveness. I devoted a year to reading all things love from various disciplines across the world and ages, and soon my heart changed. I felt lighter inside, more open and free. My interactions with people changed. I trusted myself more and didn't fear rejection as much because I experienced something powerful inside — an unconditional self-love. During this awakening, I met my fiancé and it’s been a marvelous experience to not only deepen my self-love, but to also expand that love with another person. I put in the time and effort required to change my outdated way of thinking; my devotion to self-love makes all other love possible.

4. When I fall in love, I’ll be whole:
I realized that self-love isn’t the same as love for objects or even other people. Self-love is an all-encompassing knowledge that your life has meaning and you unconditionally hold your own worth in high regard, treasuring it and appreciating how it illuminates everything. Some might call that same feeling God, spirituality or a higher-power — I call it "undercurrent" and it's been the most miraculous discovery yet in my life. I finally realized that I was already whole, regardless of my weight, relationship status or any other factor.

Weight absolutely is an issue when it comes to love and dating, but not in the way we assume it to be.

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