How to Claim your Feminine Power Spot and Not Get Burned


How to Claim your Feminine Power Spot and Not Get Burned
4 Ways for women to Control your business, life, money, and relationships as you claim your power.

Then you need to learn when to shut up. Yes, I said shut up. Ask for what you need or want, and then be silent. Don't tell a story about why you asked for what you wanted. There is no need to overexplain, apologize, or justify your existence. Stop talking and let the other person respond to your request. Silence is golden, so don't be feel like you need to fill in the void with idle chatter. Be unshakeable in your request, and you will be unstoppable in life.

Finally, fight fire with fire. Sometimes you just need to disrupt and confront the people or things that are no longer working out for you in order to turn everything rightside up again. Light a fire under the things that are burning up your time, your finances, your relationships or your life. If you don't show up, claim your feminine power spot, and deal with your issues head on, you may wind up getting burned in the process. Become all consuming in your effort to clean up what needs to be cleaned up, and throw out what needs to be thrown out. It's time. Don't delay the inevitable. A fire unattended can rapidly grow out of control.

It's a new season for women entrepreneurs and women in business. And just like you know how to tell a change in the weather is coming, don't tell me you can't tell a change in the world is coming. It's a new collaboration and partnership between the feminine and the masculine. It's a season of claiming your power and leaving your unshakeable mark on the world. Stop talking and start doing. Now go out and start your own fire in life and business.

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