The Law of Attraction As Your Mirror


The Law of Attraction As Your Mirror
The choice of who, what, and how much we attract is often formed based on our self-esteem.

We’ve probably all heard it by now. Why? Because it is true! Let’s take that one step further. The choice of who, what, and how much we attract is often formed based on our self-esteem. Consciously, one says "I want to attract people who will treat me well and appreciate me." However, if they do not feel this is what they deserve, what will happen? They are holding themselves back! Better self-esteem equals better circumstances in your life.

How can you raise your level of self-esteem so you can take advantage of the Law of Attraction? Here are some techniques you might find helpful:


  • Take responsibility for the people and circumstances you have attracted thus far. If you continue to believe, as Heather and Mary do at times, that forces outside of you are responsible for your relationships and your circumstances, you'll remain stuck. You want to take a look from the inside out. Once you accept that you are the cause of your present situation, you'll make different choices in the future, which will attract new people and new conditions.
  • Stretch beyond your comfort zone. Self-esteem is not developed by simply standing in front of a mirror and saying "I love myself." You must also be an active participant in your life, engage in it, feel confident and capable. When you sit on the sidelines and refuse to explore the limits of your potential, you feel suppressed, even stagnant. You know there is more to life; it has so much to offer you and yet you’re backing away. This lowers your self-esteem. Instead, climb a little higher; follow that hunch; jog bit longer; sail a bit farther. Boost your self-esteem by challenging yourself to move beyond the familiar. Go after that promotion at work. Learn a new skill. It doesn't matter whether or not you succeed. After all, we know there is no failure as long as one is still trying. You will raise your self-esteem immediately by "getting in the game."
  • Change your vocabulary. You can't have a high level of self-worth if you continually doubt yourself or put yourself down. What you say about yourself matters. For instance, from now on, whenever someone pays you a compliment, respond by saying "Thank you." If you minimize or reject the compliment with "oh, it was nothing”, you’re telling yourself and the person who just praised you that you don’t deserve the compliment. And you'll attract people to confirm your low feelings of self-worth.
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T yourself. Until you respect yourself, nobody else will! Hence, when someone is rude to you or puts you down, make it clear that you won’t accept it. There’s no need to prove your point or argue with anyone; just say that you don’t accept that, and move along. Increase your self-esteem and your confidence level by taking stock of your best skills and characteristics. Love yourself for the unique person you are!

Need help? Here’s a simple practice exercise. It even uses a mirror! Don’t fret if any of the steps feel a bit strange at first; keep at it knowing you are helping the Universe and the Law of Attraction to help you. You will feel and see the results.

  • Sit or stand comfortably in front of a mirror – at about the same distance you would be if speaking with someone face-to-face (or, if you are affirming your whole body’s health, weight, or preparing for a competition, stand several steps back from a full-length mirror).
  • Observe your face or your entire body in the reflection. Notice your ‘self’. Observe your features. Depending on what you are affirming, give thought to your expression. If you are affirming happiness, beauty, health, or love, go ahead and smile. Look yourself in the eye. Be sure that your smile reaches your eyes, that they are warm, alit, embracing. If you are affirming a win, power, stamina, success, a deal, arrange your countenance into one that you feel portrays strength, power, acumen, etc.
  • Say out loud, while looking yourself in the eye, “I am (loved, successful, worthy, a winner, deserving of _____,); keep looking into your own eyes.
  • Give yourself time to really feel the power of your affirmations. Maintaining eye contact with yourself in the mirror, repeat them with conviction and intent.
  • Maintain eye contact, but pause to take stock of how you are feeling. Are you starting to feel what you are affirming? Many do readily. For some, it will only take a bit of practice – but it will come.
  • Now, shut your eyes for a moment, take a deep breath in as you visualize your lungs filling with trust and confidence in achieving your end goal. Hold that breath, just knowing that you and the Universe are in sync.
  • Exhale – and as you do, breathe out all worry, doubt, and fear, casting them off.
  • Repeat the breathing in, breathing out until you are calm, centered, and confident in attaining your desired goal.

Even if you are simply having an off day and want to feel better and smooth your path, this can work wonders. Affirm “I am wonderful and deserve to have a joyful, productive, and prosperous day”. You will elevate your thoughts, your feelings and, hence, pave the way for the Universe to step in and elevate you!

As you show more and more respect for yourself, you operate on a higher frequency. It is at this higher frequency that people, events, and situations find their way to you; the ones that will speed you towards your goals.

We are human magnets; as we think, so shall we have. As you value yourself more, you'll dramatically increase your possibilities for success – in any area you choose. The Law of Attraction is your mirror! 

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