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It's Never Too Late for a Happy Life


Your TRUE right livelihood is to be in a joyful life experience. It's never too late to start!

When Nancy overheard her 5 year old daughter Shelby being asked what she 'wants to be when she grew up' she paused to listen to her daughter's lengthy response. She knew the litany by heart. Shelby wanted to be a rock star, a firefighter, a doctor, a vet, and a writer when she grew up. When the asker responded that she couldn't possibly be all of those things, Nancy laughed. She'd had similar conversations with her daughter and they'd worked it all out. Shelby could be anything she truly desired throughout her life. Nancy did not want to pigeon-hole her into any one profession, because she knew that what one desires at 15, 25, 35, and 55 years of age, are typically not the same thing.

It was later that night, when reflecting on that conversation Nancy thought long and hard about exactly when her passion for her life and livelihood had disappeared. Was it when her ex-husband left and she became the head of the house, or had it just occurred gradually over the years? Whatever the answer, Nancy was not happy and decided then and there to do something about it. Yes, she was older. Yes, she was a single parent, and yes, she had responsibilities that made an immediate change impossible. But both she and Shelby deserved a happy life where both of them were living their visions and not pushing them aside for later - if ever.

Nancy took stock of the things she really enjoyed and began envisioning a life where she was able to incorporate more of those things into each day. Each morning before she got out of bed, and each night before she fell asleep she pressed the play button in her mind and visualized a day in her new life - a life full of fun and pure pleasure. Nancy is still working for the same well-paying company she was employed by, but with some additional coursework, has changed departments to one that is much more satisfying. She hasn't reached her dream yet, but feels confident and joyful that she is on a journey to get there.

Someone said "you cannot have a happy ending if the journey itself was unhappy." Wouldn't it be a shame to travel an unhappy lifelong journey? Determine what you love, envision it then follow it. Like Nancy, it may not be an immediate career transformation. Envisioning your desires will cause them to manifest someplace in your life where those changes will take root. Your TRUE right livelihood is to be in a joyful balanced life experience. It's never too late. Start living it today.

You can be Happy right now and for every moment to come for the rest of your life. Being Happy is the most powerful skill you can learn. Happiness empowers greater insight in each of us - to further a collective vision of world peace. Unconditional Happiness spreads incorruptible Love, and brings authentic freedom to all of creation sharing this beautiful planet. It is all up to you. Happiness becomes you."

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