I Want Your Life


I Want Your Life

Have you ever wished you could have a particular celebrity’s life? Perhaps not their whole life, but the parts of their life that appear glamorous, easy, or simply what you want in your own life? How do you think your family and friends would react if you suddenly started acting like this celebrity? They’d probably want to have you committed and psychologically evaluated! What if, though, you started emulating your next door neighbor or the person who’s been mentoring you in your business? They probably wouldn’t jump so quickly to have you whisked off to the nut house, but they’d probably be pretty concerned and wonder what the heck was happening to you. The thing is, people actually do this all the time. They decide they don’t have what they want in their own life, so they start to take on the characteristics of the people who do have what they’re looking for. Essentially, they copy the actions and behaviors of this person or people, expecting to experience the same results. Alas, they frequently find themselves disappointed.

Graciella has “the life.” She just got the promotion that Tina secretly coveted, along with the huge office, has a wonderful house in the suburbs, the newest sport utility vehicle for bad weather and a flashy convertible for fun, a successful husband who loves to cook, and two darling children. When Tina compared her life to Graciella’s with the second mortgage, the one car that may or may not get her to work, and the cubicle the size of a shoebox, she couldn’t help but feel a tad short-changed. She didn’t begrudge Graciella the things she had achieved, but desperately wanted them for herself. So, Tina decided that if she wanted a similar lifestyle, she needed to behave in a very similar manner.

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