Are You Soaring or Snoring?


Are You Soaring or Snoring?
Handstand or quicksand - you make the call!

Perhaps Helen can freelance or maybe her employer will let her outsource part of the work week, so she could perform her career tasks from home; she might be able to work evenings instead or cut back on her hours as well. Naomi may be able to hire a per diem nanny or place Katie in a play group or day care a few times a week; even an afternoon or two would free her to get groceries, clean house, enjoy some ‘me’ time, and even to find a way to re-enter the work force, either part-time or from home.

Both women are aware of how they are feeling and seem to know what is causing these energy drains, but what is the next step? The most important thing we can do when we all feeling the quicksand is to identify the problem – and then, choose a positive course of action with a positive attitude. We need to be able to identify the sources of our energy drains – and then find ways to say “No!” to them (or change our perspective about them) and say “Yes!” to our chosen solutions. How might we accomplish this?


Here’s an easy method:

Take a sheet of paper and draw two lines vertically from top to bottom, separating the page into three columns. On the left-most side, list those things, tangible or intangible, that you feel are sapping your energy. In the middle column, list any possible solutions for each item on the left. It’s okay to be creative. You are creating your own destiny here! Lastly, in the right-most column, jot down how you will feel when you have resolved the issue in the left-hand column. Spend some time with those positive feelings.

Energy, like water, seeks its own level. The Universe is always ready to help us, open doors, promote us, give us all we need – once we open ourselves to that vibrant flow of giving and receiving. It can not do that if we are looking down at our feet. Instead, identify your drains, choose to alter your course and/or your perception, and reach for the stars. If you have been missing out on that joie de vivre and zest for life, you are now in for a pleasant surprise! Seize the day. 

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