Have You Ever Wanted to Fire Your Boyfriend


Have You Ever Wanted to Fire Your Boyfriend
Before you decide to "fire" your boyfriend, consider these questions.

Now, back to you and the boyfriend. Other than "that really upsetting thing," you say the relationship had been going very well. Are you sure you want an action as permanent as ending (firing) the relationship (man) over this one upsetting thing? This is a point where working with a dating and relationship coach is so amazingly helpful. As a coach, I'm familiar with relationship tensions. Coaching is my job—I've been trained for it. And I've helped lots of folks through stressful issues.

You and I would process things a little differently than HR would, but ultimately we'd be hoping for the same outcome—resolution of a difficult situation. We'd start the coaching process by making our way through questions appropriate to your particular circumstance. For example:

  • Are you feeling heard?
  • Has your self-worth taken a hit? If so, how can I help you feel better about yourself?
  • Do you have everything you need for you to be successful?
  • Does he have everything he needs to be successful?
  • Are you doing your part so he can choose success?
  • Are you giving him appropriate feedback so he knows what to do?

Together, we would assess the entire situation so a plan can be made. If, along the way, we determine that the upsetting event is truly a deal breaker, we can make a plan for a clean break and talk about how to recover your emotional health following the break. If we determine the upsetting event is only one circumstance in an otherwise very good relationship, we'll discuss how changes can be made so both of your needs can get met.

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I believe you want to love and be loved. And if the love you desire and deserve isn't currently in your life, then let's talk so you can turn the “work” of love into play by putting in place the right techniques for you to finally bring that love into your life.

I know (because it's how I met and married my husband) that once you become The Perfect Catch you'll definitely attract The Perfect Catch.

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