When Is It Time To Meet With A Dating Coach?


When Is It Time To Meet With A Dating Coach?
What keeps people from taking the steps to working with a professional and get relationship advice?

I ran into an acquaintance I haven’t seen in at least 15 years that I knew from when I was single again in my mid to late 30’s. She is still single and never married and must be in her late 40’s or early 50’s by now. I have always known her to be friendly, warm, smart and attractive. However, for some reason she has not yet connected with the right life partner.

Do you know what she said to me? …..

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She told me, “I should have worked with you ten years ago!”

Then I started to think about what keeps people from taking that step to working with a professional and get the relationship advice that has proven results?

This is the list that I came up with:

1. The Shame or Embarrassment of Needing Help

You shouldn’t have to get help in this area of your life. Finding love is just supposed to happen. That’s what happens in the movies or with your parents and friends -right? Yet, you are willing to hire a personal trainer, a nutritionist, a speech therapist and image consultant, an accountant or bookkeeper. Actually, when it comes to seeking relationship advice in order to have a romantic, solid connected relationship, most of us don’t have the skills or knowledge that we need to give us the best chance of success.

I sought out the relationship advice of a dating coach when I was in my late 30’s after a failed marriage. I found myself on the dating merry-go-round and frustrated with the men that I was choosing. I needed some “tweaking” of my approach and challenges to my limiting beliefs. As a result I started attracting better, more marriage minded men.

2. The Cost of the Service (Fear of Wasting Your Money)

What if you spend all this time and money and you still don’t have a special person in your life? Then what? People expect results for their money. Are there tangible results from working with a dating coach?

The investment of working with a life and relationship coach will show returns many times over in your personal and work life. My clients feel more confident about their life choices and have tools to help them stay focused on what really matters to them. People are surprised how reasonable my coaching rates are when you compare it to comparable professional services.

I also provide affordable self learning online coaching programs of my dating relationship system to finding true love that you can invest in for as little as $197.00 for my 6 module Successful Internet Dating Program ( with bonuses!). I share the same relationship advice, knowledge and insights that I impart to my private VIP clients. I show you the exact same process I use to make the necessary changes to your profile or help you start dating online for the first time.

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It all comes down to whether you are willing to invest in yourself for your future happiness. I see people who really want to be in relationship spend their money on lavish trips instead of investing in life and relationship coaching that would serve them best for the long haul and their life goals.

3. The Time You Need to Devote to Working with The Professional (“I don’t have time!”)

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Amy Schoen, MBA, CPCC

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I work with marriage minded individuals who are ready to take charge of their dating efforts and learn a system of how to meet people who share their values so that they can find the right one and have the family life they so desire.

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