What’s Your Vision of The Ideal Partner?


What’s Your Vision of The Ideal Partner?

One of my clients recently asked me about the concept of the vision board and how it works. He liked the idea of the vision board and wanted to know more about the specifics.

I am a big believer of visioning.  I have used visioning to attract into my life the Bethesda Townhouse I live in, the retail clothing store I opened in 1990 (and ran until 2003), the man I wanted and having a beautiful, healthy baby.  Of course many times it took a bit longer for my dreams to come true than I desired.  Just seeing the possibility puts the wheels into motion and pulls you in the direction of your dream.  It doesn’t mean you don’t have to work for it.  Visioning is not a magic pill.  It is a roadmap of where you want to go!


The vision board is a visual representation of what you want for your life.  If you have certain goals you want to achieve, the values you want to live fully.  Pictures have shown to have strong pull.  So what do you want to attract into your life?  What do you hold dear that you don’t want to lose sight of?  The vision board can anchor these ideal life concepts into your subconscious so that you actually move yourself in the direction of your goals.

I have used this for many aspects of my life – from attracting a mate to having a baby.  I even have Oprah on my vision board!    My values are represented in a clear and concise fashion such as my healthy lifestyle value and my meaningful relationships with spouse, family and friends value.  For this vision board I took a 2 foot by 3 foot poster board, some magazines and markers to write my values down and draw symbols.  I found pictures that represented what I wanted for my life – be it the type of house I envision myself in to pictures of people skiing and family sitting around a table sharing a meal!   You can take the cut and paste approach or for you artists out there, you can draw a picture of your vision.

That is what I did before I met my husband.  I drew a very primitive stick figure picture of me dancing and skiing with a guy.  The funny thing is that my husband never really skied or danced.  He did end up taking lessons and can do each at an intermediate level.  So the vision of what I wanted eventually did come true!

Some people’s vision boards are really a work of art.  However, for those less artistic, you can cut our pictures from magazines.  Have fun with it.  Let your vision board be an inspiration to you. 

– Coach Amy

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