Technically you are Still Single!


Technically you are Still Single!
When You Are Marriage-Minded and in an Exclusive Relationship

Think of the alternative – perhaps three years from now, at the age of 40, you are still exclusive with this person and finally take the bold stand only to find out your partner doesn’t want the “marriage-family” package with you. Then you are still s.ingle, 40 and no further along on your personal goals as you were at 37.

For those who are in an exclusive relationship, I recommend you ask yourself these two qu.estions:


1. Do I love this person and want to make a life with him/her?
2. If yes, then how long are you willing to wait for this person to commit to you?

Set a timeframe that makes sense for you and stick with it! You will be glad you did. Either way, you will be closer to your goal of marriage because you are only sticking with marriage-minded partners, including yourself! As my father used to say, “Life is not a dress rehearsal!” Unfortunately, our time is not limitless. In the long run, when you take the bold action to find out where your partner stands on how committed to marriage he or she is with you, it’s really for the best to know his or her true feelings!

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