How to be Romantic: Your Simple Romance Primer


How to be Romantic: Your Simple Romance Primer
February 14th is Valentine’s Day. I read that romance is the water that nourishes a relationship.

February 14th is Valentine’s Day in the US. If you are fortunate to have a special mate or partner in your life then, this is the time of year, men and women are called to open up their romance valve. For many, this has not been truly activated due to a full and active life where they have the feeling that there is little time to be romantic. For a select few, romance is not something you have to work hard at … it’s part of who you are. And you are living a romantic life daily. So, what does that mean?

I once read that r omance is the water that nourishes a relationship – like a plant needs water to survive. I do believe you can survive without romance. Many do. I do believe romance is more like plant food that helps a relationship live a healthier, more vibrant life. However, one person’s idea of a romantic evening may differ from another’s. There are a variety of directions one can go. This alone can be a big issue in a relationship.


Bottom line, romance is the act of making someone feel special and cared for, even loved and adored. It’s giving them your time and undivided attention. You need to demonstrate that you are thrilled to be with your loved one. And timing is critical. It has to be a time when both people can be open and present to the romantic experience. And isn’t the purpose of romance is to lead two people towards being affectionate with one another and maybe more?

On the small scale, a romantic gesture is bringing a gift or flowers to your loved one. Hopefully it’s something they value and appreciate. Giving a woman perfume when she has allergies just shows you don’t know her tastes (and sensitivities) very well. Or giving chocolate to a woman who is focused on losing weight may not get a positive reaction. Knowing your partner’s goals and interests can give you clues on the right gifts for him or her.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a romantic gesture. A single rose can have more impact sometimes than a bouquet. Nothing says, “I love you” like jewelry! After the champagne is consumed, and the flowers wilt, she still has this symbol of your affection to remember you with and to show off to her friends. You can even make her a CD or a play list of your favorite music that you enjoy together. That would be romantic and lasting!

Romance is a way of being. It&rsq uo;s giving your partner your full attention. So put away your cell phone unless you have children at home and need the cell phone to be accessible for emergencies. It’s the way you look at someone with your eyes looking into their eyes deep into their soul to see the person they truly are. Some call this the lover’s gaze. This emotional connection is the entrance to having a physical connection – holding hands, embracing, kissing and possibly much more!

It’s romantic to share what you appreciate about your partner with that person. Expressing your feelings is very romantic and takes courage. And writing your feelings down in a card is a way to have that something concrete that some people enjoy reading again when you are not with your special person.

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