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Have you been sitting back and waiting for THE ONE?

There is a whole movement called the attraction principle. Have you heard about The Secret? It’s about tapping in your thoughts to energetically attract the right people and the life of your dreams. It’s one thing to sit back and wish for that someone special to show up in your life…..

And it’s another to take some PROACTIVE STEPS to meeting that right person you so desire to build your life with! This is my Dating Success formula:


Actually I call it “Proactive Attraction”. One of my top dating tips is strategically to put yourself in places and situations that you are going to align with the type of people with who you will connect. You can’t just sit home or do the same things you have always done and expect to meet someone for dating and ultimately your true love partner.

One of my dating tips is that you need to obtain a greater AWARENESS about yourself where you get to know yourself better and gain some clarity around why you are dating in the first place and who would be a great match for you. Also, really be honest with yourself about what has been stopping you from moving forward and meeting the right one? This takes some tough evaluation of your internal and external roadblocks.

Next you have to have a plan and take ACTION!

So my next of my dating tips is that you need to put some energy and thought into where you are most likely to meet Mr. or Ms. Right. Here you may need to stretch yourself in the right direction. My coaching philosophy is that you need to have an online (online dating sites and beyond) and offline (meeting face to face first) plan that is tailored to your personality, life goals and core relationship values.

What I have observed is online dating is a great vehicle to test this theory about proactive attraction. You can describe exactly who you are looking for given your particular circumstances (ie, single parent dating or never married desiring a family), describe your relationship values that are important to you and your relationship vision. It’s important that your life partner be on aligned with all the above. Then, you can attract the right people to your profile to date! (Check out my affordable self study internet dating program: that teaches my proprietary dating system applied to online dating)

My last of my dating tips here is to make a commitment to yourself to take ACTION! This is where the FOCUS comes in. Most people fall short by not sticking with their plan. To succeed in anything in life, you do have to do the work. It’s so easy today to get distracted or overwhelmed. We have such busy lives with many responsibilities pulling at us from all directions. What I find works best is to have a way to break the big plan into doable actions steps and then to hold yourself accountable to stay the course of your plan.

Actually I do believe that “luck” or SUCCESS with LOVE is when opportunity meets targeted, focused action! This is what has work for so many of my Motivated to Marry clients.

What are you doing to meet the one? What’s your plan of action? And have you been connecting with other marriage minded individuals for dating? This curious coach would like to know!

Warm Wishes,

Coach Amy

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