7 Ways To Tell If You Are In An "Almost" Relationship


7 Ways To Tell If You Are In An "Almost" Relationship
Are you in an almost relationship?

5. You don’t feel special or a priority in your partner’s life.

Your girlfriend is a socially active woman who has a very demanding job. To keep the relationship, you must accept being last on her list of priorities. There are no guarantees that you will see her on the weekend as well. She likes having a boyfriend when she needs an escort but only when it is convenient to her. You really desire a
relationship where a steady girlfriend wants to spend her free time with you and will make you a priority at least some of time. Eventually you will leave this relationship for one that the woman can be more emotionally committed to you.


6. Your life goals are very different

You are very taken with one another where there is chemistry, similar values and interests. However, you are very different places in your life. You desire to have a family and your boyfriend has his family already and does not want any more children. You have to decide what is more important to you- having a child or the relationship. It’s
a tough decision. Only you can decide what you can live with for the long term.

7. Your key Expression of Love is not being satisfied.

You are a very affectionate and open person. You like to hold hands, put your arm around your girlfriend, kiss in public and all that lovey dovey stuff. Your girlfriend is fairly private and uncomfortable with public displays of affection. You feel that you cannot express yourself freely by holding back. She is uncomfortable with a quick kiss hello when you meet in any public place. She feels it’s disrespectful to others, even though they are strangers. You really don’t care about strangers! Eventually you get very frustrated with the limitations and will seek someone who is closer to you on the
affection scale.

These are some of the key areas where couples can be misaligned in their needs and wants in a relationship. When we find someone we are attracted to and we like, we date them with the hope that it will grow into a more intimate, committed relationship. During our time together we discover areas that we differ. We all have to decide how wide those differences are. When the two people want and expect different things and those differences cannot be ironed out in order to find a livable compromise that works for
both parties -- that is what I called an Almost relationship. In my experience, after too long has passed, the couple will inevitably break up and seek to find a new relationship that is a better overall fit.

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