3 Ways to Rock Your Relationship With Your Body


3 Ways to Rock Your Relationship With Your Body
If you could Feel Good in your own skin, in how many ways would THAT impact your relationship?

Ok, I can imagine that when you read the title "3 Ways to Rock Your Relationship With Your Body" you may be thinking all sorts of things! And actually, to be clear, the truth is that YES, your sex life IS a major part of a healthy relationship.

It's a way of connecting on one of the four levels any healthy relationship requires: physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

However my topic today is much larger than that. Here's what I mean:

Can you find ANY area of your life that you do NOT need your body in order to live it? (If you can please share because that means you are a non-physical being reading my article - pure Spirit!

It's easy for you to see that even when you are sleeping you still need your body, don't you. For if you did not have your body, how could you live?

Now here's the big issue: How exactly do you Feel about your body?

What about your weight?

What about your eating and exercise habits? How do you feel about ALL of these?

What is occurring, even if you have not been conscious of it until now, is The Way You Feel About Your Body and Your Weight Impacts Every Area of Your Life - Including your relationship (or lack of one if you're hiding from connecting!).

It's not like you can park your body on the side of the road like an automobile for a few hours because you feel frustrated with it and get away from it, is it.

Therefore if you feel bad about your body, about your weight, about your lifestyle habits, that "baggage" is following along with you everywhere you go. Yes, even into the bedroom!

Just imagine if you were to finally Feel Good in your own skin. What if you were carrying that gift with you every single place you go? Even into the bedroom? How comfortable and relaxed would you feel then, if you could feel good in Your Own Skin...no matter what?

Wow, that would even impact your day-to-day tasks, wouldn't it! 

Let's take a look at how to rock your relationship with your body now.

3 Ways to Rock Your Relationship With Your Body

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