3 Step Formula For How To Find Someone To Date


3 Step Formula For How To Find Someone To Date
Want to find someone to date? This three step formula is simple, easy and results driven.

Adopt a new habit as you go about your daily routines. Become the person who meets lots of new people everywhere they go. It’s so easy we promise anyone can do this. We are both introverts and both manage to do this most days.

  • Slow Down.
  • Notice people and who is noticing you.
  • Smile.  It’s as easy as deciding to do it and putting a visual in your head that makes you smile. A warm smile makes a woman or man look approachable.
  • Make Eye Contact. When you are interested in someone make eye contact and hold it longer than feels natural.
  • Say “Hello”. This is how conversations start and if they are not interested they will just move on and you have nothing lost because all you did was say hello.
  • Connect and be receptive. Find something in common and let someone know you are receptive to connecting outside of this encounter.

These three steps work to meet new people to date.  If you find yourself getting burned out from putting a lot of effort out and not getting the results you want, you might need to step back and take a quick break.  When we're burned out we never show up as our best selves and people just aren't as attracted to us.   Take good care of yourself, use this three step formula and if you find you're still not getting the results that you want, then see if getting some dating support and learning more about the differences between men and women are just the slight adjustment that will empower you to go from frustrated to meeting the right people to date!  


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Why do you think people give up on finding someone to date? Leave us a comment below. 

This article was originally published at Claudette & Shelley. Reprinted with permission.
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