The 3 Biggest Blocks Keeping You From Finding A Good Man


The 3 Biggest Blocks Keeping You From Finding A Good Man
There might be some things that you are doing that you don’t even realize that could be blocking you

In the F.L.I.R.T. Course for Dating and Relationship Mastery, women are able to begin to see the blocks that they have unconsciously put up around love and then re-wire their patterns so they can finally have healthy, happy love lives.

There are a lot of things women do that sabotage their relationships. The three biggest ones are:


1.They Don’t See Men Clearly


A lot of women these day, treat dating as if they were interviewing for the position of “Life Partner”; especially busy professional women who have little time for dating and still really want to find love. Their dates can look more like interviews then actual “fun getting to know you activities.”

I understand, you want to weed out the bad eggs early, however, dating should be a discovery process not an interrogation.

On your first couple of dates, try having light fun conversation and steer away from boring topics such as “what do you do for work”. Those kinds a questions can appear like you are trying to evaluate his status in the world and seem like you are not really interested in him as a person. You will find out all important information about him in good time. Just have fun and discover each other!

Sometimes women have very rigid ideas of what kind of man that they want and they rule people out too early.


2.You Are Looking for Love to Complete You

Let’s face it, if you are not already happy in your life while you are single then you are also doomed to be unhappy in your relationships. No one else can make your life complete or make you happy. Not only that, but if a man senses that you need him to make your life a good one, then he will run. You will be seen as desperate and he will look at you as a girl who will be too clingy and clingy is NEVER attractive.

On the flip side, women who are happy, vibrant and radiant in their life already are super attractive to men. Men LOVE a happy woman. When a woman is loving her life she shines and people want to be around her.


3.Hidden Beliefs About Yourself or Relationships Sabotage You



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