Top 5 Emotional Effects Of Divorce

Many women are not prepared for the emotional effects of divorce, especially if they are the one that initiated the separation and divorce. The so-called divorce support they receive from meaningful family and friends often wind up being an "ex" bashing session, which makes her feel worse about herself ...

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The 5 Stages Of Post-Divorce Grief

We always hear about the five stages of grief a person goes through when a loved one passes away. They were first proposed by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in her 1969 book On Death and Dying. Did you know that you will also go through these five stages of grief after a Read More

Is Your Ex A Sociopath Or A Narcissist?

As a divorce coach, it's something I hear often: a recently divorced woman will talk about her ex and scathingly describe him as a "sociopath" or a "narcissist." While it may bring her a sense of justification by ...

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The Worst Divorce Advice

You may feel as if you are on an emotional roller-coaster, during and after your divorce. You are grieving over the death of your marriage as well as your hopes and dreams for the future. It is a very traumatic time, yet it is vital that you make life-changing decisions as you go through the process in order to ...

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9 Tips For Dealing With Your Crazy, Narcissist Ex

A narcissist may come across as arrogant and selfish. They undermine others to inflate their own sense of self. They truly believe that the world revolves around them. People and things are there for them to use when and if they please. They are unable to show true empathy for others, which make it difficult to ...

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Top 5 Emotional Effects Of Divorce

Understanding the emotional roller-coaster you are put on when dealing with a divorce.

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The 5 Stages Of Post-Divorce Grief

Learn to recognize the stages of grieving over your divorce so you can heal and begin your new life.

my ex is a sociopath or a narcissist

Is Your Ex A Sociopath Or A Narcissist?

... and how do you know the difference?


The Worst Divorce Advice

Will the advice you get from our family and friends harm or benefit you in the long run?

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9 Tips For Dealing With Your Crazy, Narcissist Ex

If you want to hold on to a shred of your sanity, read on!

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