Top Ten Dating Red Flags For Divorced Women


Top Ten Dating Red Flags For Divorced Women
Getting into the dating scene after divorce can be scary. Keep your eye out for red flags.

Everything that comes out of his mouth has a negative aura about it. He complains about his job, the economy, his childhood, his friends, his health and anything else that you can think of. He never has anything good to say and bad mouths others consistently.

Questions to ask yourself:


  1. What are you waiting for? Run for the hills!!!
  2. Why are you allowing his negativity to bring you down?
  3. Do you feel sorry for him and want to “fix” his life?

Dating Red Flag #7- What Does He Tell You?

He tells you to wear his favorite color or certain types of clothing when going out on a date (or he buys your clothes to wear.) He tells you how and when to do everything. He tells you that you are doing it the wrong way or that things you are interested in are stupid.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Does he get extremely angry if you do not follow through?
  2. Does he ever apologize to you?
  3. Do you really want to be controlled by another person?

Dating Red Flag #8 – Is He Jealous?

He tells you that he sees you looking at other men. He does not like you talking to other men – including your friend’s husbands or your brother’s friends. He says that he wants you all to himself and does not like to share. He may also be jealous of the time you spend with your family, friends or children.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Does he have a reason to be jealous?
  2. Does his jealousy control where and when you go out?
  3. What are you waiting for? Run for the hills!!!

Dating Red Flag #9 – He Won’t What?

You have made plans for him to meet your family or friends a few times. At the last minute he always cancels because “something came up.” He gives you hundreds of excuses as to why he is afraid to meet them or cannot meet them.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Is he afraid they will not like him (or see his true colors?)
  2. Is he trying to control you by alienating you from family and friends?
  3. How many more chances are you willing to give him?

Dating Red Flag #10 – What Did They Say?

He has met your family and friends and none of them have anything good to say about him. It is important to remember that they love you and truly want you to be happy. There is no need to be concerned if only one or two people have something bad to say … but if everyone is saying it …

Questions to ask yourself:

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