Reasons Why You Should Consider Working With A Divorce Coach


Reasons Why You Should Consider Working With A Divorce Coach
You can reduce stress, find peace and possibly even save money by working with a divorce coach.

You may think that you do not need a divorce coach because you have an attorney and possibly even a therapist. A divorce coach plays an entirely different role in your life.

An attorney’s job is to focus on the legalities of the divorce. This includes filing the appropriate forms with the courts, as well as speaking on your behalf during court proceedings and discussions with your spouse’s attorney.  He is not really concerned with all of your "stories." Divorce is an extremely emotional incident. Every time you vent to your attorney, you are racking up more fees. You are also increasing the cost of your attorney by not being prepared for appointments with him.


Most therapists are in the practice of rehashing your past to identify why you believe, feel and act the way you do. Therapists will listen to your stories for months and may even give you validation for feeling the way you do. They are usually less focused on helping you to set and achieve goals in order to lead a happy, confident life.

A divorce coach is there to guide you, assist you and cheer you on as your move through the triad of emotions during and after divorce. They assist you to accept responsibility for your life and to create a plan of action. A coach is less concerned with the past, (though they will listen to your stories and possibly offer an unbiased perspective) and more concerned with helping you to find the skills and develop the mindset you need in order to live a happy life. Working with a divorce coach will complement the work you do with your attorney and therapist.

Before and during the divorce process a divorce coach can support you by:

  • Providing a safe, non-judgmental environment that allows you to examine your feelings and reactions.
  • Relaying information regarding the various stages and duties related to separation and divorce.
  • Helping you to find your divorce support team, for example an attorney or a financial advisor.
  • Encouraging you to take required actions to be prepared with documents your attorney needs.
  • Providing resources to help identify any documents or information you need.
  • Discussing settlements issues that need consideration to help you gain clarity.
  • Offering insight into the division of your money and property.
  • Guiding you to communicate effectively and offers conflict resolution tips.
  • Exploring co-parenting strategies in order to minimize the impact of divorce on your children.
  • Helping you to determine your financial needs in the present and in the future.
  • Giving you tools and techniques to deal with the emotional roller-coaster and high stress moments.
  • Plus so much more! Keep Reading...

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