Getting Down To Busyness


Getting Down To Busyness
Get off the go go go treadmill to rediscover yourself and deepen in your relationships.

It helps to check in with ourselves from time to time throughout the day. Take a pause and a few deep breaths whenever switching tasks. Get outside and take a slow walk over lunch trying to notice as much as you can about your internal and external environment. At each red light, take a few deep breaths, check in with yourself and see how many beautiful things you can identify. Or maybe even do a quick 2-5 minute meditation once or twice in the middle of the day. I always sit for at least 1 minute and just breathe and settle before starting a session with a client. These things help to be sure we don’t get too far away from ourselves. Make sure we don’t get so swept away on the “git-r-done” train that we get carried too far from ourselves and what is really important to us. Because when we get too far carried away, often it takes a huge leap, an expensive ride, or a crisis to get back.

I realize that even these suggestions on how to stay in touch with ourselves are more things to do and can easily be viewed as one more task to add to the list. If we look at our practice as another task in our busyness, we will still only slow the boat down, never really resting back in the water. So let’s try to remember that staying in touch with ourselves and the people in our lives is our primary job. All the rest is extra credit.


Let’s not be lazy by doing so much that we lose touch with our real work. Will you help remind me too?

Chuck Hancock, M.Ed is a National Certified Counselor and a Registered Psychotherapist in the state of CO. He has completed comprehensive training in the Hakomi Method of Experiential Psychotherapy, a mindfulness mind-body centered approach. Chuck guides individuals and groups in self-exploration providing them with insight and tools for change. He also incorporates nature as a therapy tool to help shift perspective and inspire new thought patterns. He can be reached at email here or

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