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I am Chrystal, the owner and founder of www.BlissConnection.com which is our very tasteful online sex toy store.  I am convinced that every woman needs to own a Silver Bullet!  I am on a mission to help every woman have an orgasm, to orgasm more easily and to own this simple, discreet sex toy. WE LOVE THIS toy and know you will, too.

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You can buy one here for free - you only pay $13.00 in UPS Ground Freight charges!

Why do you need a Silver Bullet Vibrator?

+ Do you have difficulty having an orgasm?
+ Do you notice that it's nearly impossible to have an orgasm just from penetration? 
+ Would you like to be less cranky and crabby?
+ Would you like to learn to have an orgasm in 2 - 3 minutes?
+ Would you like to enjoy your partner more and take all of the pressure off of both of you?
+ Would you like to train your clitoris and you body to become multi-orgasmic?
+ Ladies, would you like to make a blow job more efficient?

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Then you NEED FREE SILVER BULLET vibrator now! You only have to pay the $13.00 in UPS Ground Shipping. Ok, it's not free. It's 1 penny! Your total will be $13.01.

Feel free to browse our VERY TASTEUL Online store www.BlissConnection.com but you can just go directly to the SILVER BULLET here and buy it for only $13.01. Only one bullet per transaction please. If you want us to ship one to your BFF, just do two transactions. 

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