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I am Chrystal, the owner and founder of which is our very tasteful online sex toy store.  I am convinced that every woman needs to own a Silver Bullet!  I am on a mission to help every woman have an orgasm, to orgasm more easily and to own this simple, discreet sex toy. WE LOVE THIS toy and know you will, too.

You can buy one here for free - you only pay $13.00 in UPS Ground Freight charges!

Why do you need a Silver Bullet Vibrator?

+ Do you have difficulty having an orgasm?
+ Do you notice that it's nearly impossible to have an orgasm just from penetration? 
+ Would you like to be less cranky and crabby?
+ Would you like to learn to have an orgasm in 2 - 3 minutes?
+ Would you like to enjoy your partner more and take all of the pressure off of both of you?
+ Would you like to train your clitoris and you body to become multi-orgasmic?
+ Ladies, would you like to make a blow job more efficient?

Then you NEED FREE SILVER BULLET vibrator now! You only have to pay the $13.00 in UPS Ground Shipping. Ok, it's not free. It's 1 penny! Your total will be $13.01.

Feel free to browse our VERY TASTEUL Online store but you can just go directly to the SILVER BULLET here and buy it for only $13.01. Only one bullet per transaction please. If you want us to ship one to your BFF, just do two transactions. 


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