When Is Enough Enough? [EXPERT}


When Is Enough Enough? [EXPERT}
When you are seeing someone and they are constantly messing up when do you just have to walk away.

When you have been seeing someone and they continue to let you down and do things that they know you would not appreciate; when is it time to cut your losses and move on? I have been seeing this guy off and on. We have not been exclusive because of the issues I have with his drinking and always having to be out. And then tonight took the cake. He puts on his Facebook a status that was so disrespectful towards me. It basically wrote that he was looking for a hookup and of course when he wrote this status he was at a bar. So everyone knew that that's what he was implying. 

I can handle a lot of baggage from people's past, but this is where I draw the line. He told me it was just a joke and a quote from a movie, but because of where he was and the timing on a Friday no one is going to think it is a quote at all! And he seems to think that I am wrong in this situation which is funny because everyone else has been texting me saying what is he doing?


For someone to say that he cares for me and just wants to be with me; he isn't going about it the right way! If someone cared for someone they would not be posting things that are not necessary and making people think that he is on the prowl for just anyone. 

Men this is not how you handle a situation with someone you like! Women as well do not ever do this. Because then you just ended something that could have been great had you not continued to be an asshole. Or if the relationship doesn't end right away the trust has been broken.

I just wish for once men and women can see their actions and think a little bit before they do something that is irreparable. Some things can not be forgotten and even if I tried to forgive and forget I would always be wondering when it was going to happen again. Trying to be hurtful or not, he was and it was not necessary or appreciated. And in the future I hope the next guy I date watches what they say, because in the end words sting and it's hard to forget those things and they add up if it continues. As I have always said patterns are hard to break and this is a pattern I do not want to deal with! And I don't think any guy or girl would want to deal with this pattern either!

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