Past Baggage Causes Trust Issues In Relationships


Past Baggage Causes Trust Issues In Relationships
Leave issues from past relationships in the past. Here's how.

I know a lot of men and women that have trust issues because of an ex that cheated on them or was just untruthful. But, people need to learn that beginning a new relationship, it is unfair to put this baggage on the new partner. It is not their fault. I have a friend that was cheated on in the past and because of that infidelity, he puts that burden on his new girlfriend, which is unacceptable. Why Do Men Push Away The Women They Like?

Your current beau is not the same as your ex, unless you have a problem picking partners that are perpetual cheaters. But, bringing old baggage into new relationships is so messed up. I have had this happen to me several times. My ex's wife cheated on him and I was on trial every day because of that. I have never cheated, though I have admitted to my player ways. Needless to say that relationship was toxic because he was so crushed about being cheated on that he was constantly looking at my phone and Facebook to see who I was talking too. Could You Date Someone With An STD?


So please men and women if you have been cheated on do not blame and put that on to your next love interest, because it is not fair to them. You have to learn not everyone will be a cheater and if you still have issues with being cheated on please fix that first before you are involved with someone new. Because they do not deserve to be questioned everyday for something they had nothing to do with. Are You Just A Booty Call?

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