Top 5 Men’s Underwear Brands for Everyday Men


Top 5 Men’s Underwear Brands for Everyday Men
Tips for buying your guys' underwear needs.

Ladies and Gents, ever wonder what brands your man looks for to meet his underwear needs? You already know whether he's a boxer or briefs guy, but do you know if he's a Calvin or Hanes man? Look no further, he's probably wearing one of the top 5 men's underwear brands for everyday men.

You've definitely heard of all of the brands collected in our gallery of underwear brands for everyday men, but do you know why they're timeless classics men shop year after year? The answers are reliability, accessibility, diversity of style, color and fit, and in most cases — these brands have celebrity spokespeople. Men usually choose their style based on their package, but they choose their brand based on loyalty.


Here are the top five men's underwear brands for everyday men, regardless of whether or not the guy chooses boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, or something else.

  1. Calvin Klein, of course, is number one on this list. Just look at the men in their ads — what man doesn't want to look like Matthew Terry? Calvin Klein offers several different styles from basic to more fashion forward. 
  2. Tommy Hilfiger, a common and great brand. Tommy is known for more classic and rustic designs than most. Plaid is a mainstay in collection after collection, so if your Tommy likes plaid or similarly "American" styles, this is his brand.
  3. Emporio Armani is a high-end brand that sticks with the classics. The timeless Emporio Armani styles will give guys a nice tailored look for his suit and tie days.
  4. Hanes is the most accessible and easy to find brand on this list. You can find the basic styles anywhere, and it's easy to choose something for your guy without straying from his "usual" style. Michael Jordan, once the brand's model, has had his briefs talked about for years, making Hanes what it is today. What guy can't stand up with the real Magic Mike?
  5. Jockey is last, but certainly not least, on our list. Most known for its "Y-Front briefs," a lot of men who wear boxers tend to stick with Jockey as it has many styles and colors of those as well as athletic jockstraps and other styles. 

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