Remember You Don't Know Who Was There First!


Remember You Don't Know Who Was There First!
When you meet new people and are engaging in sexual relations remember to protect yourself!

It seems people are forgetting or allowing themselves to forget about safe sex and at best not knowing how to keep themselves safe during sex. Either they don't care or think they are invincible or they are too trusting of people they just meet. Which ever the case maybe people need to realize STD's are a real issue for a huge percentage of the country. 
We all learned about safe sex when we were in sixth or seventh grade, but it seems some need a refresher course. I don't know why it's so hard for people to realize if you meet a guy or girl and you just met them a while ago and they are so willing to go to bed with you without protection why you don't think you are not the only one that they have done this with? So while you are having sex with them unprotected you need to start counting how many times that person has had sex with other people unprotected as well. 
Now I know in the heat of passion some forget to have a condom on them and so you forgo the condom because of your hormones raging. And you think well I have done this before and I haven't gotten an STD or pregnant so hell this time will be just the same. I have talked to this person for x number of days and they seem genuine and trustworthy so you go with your gut. And then two weeks later hits you and you have an issue down there you never wanted to have to deal with. 
Whether that's an unexpected pregnancy or an STD all of these things could have been prevented had you just taken the five to ten minutes to go to the store to get condoms or the two seconds it takes to put a condom on. Now I know most say it doesn't feel the same. But how does a crying baby sound? Or how does an itching burning feeling and you never being able to have sex with out telling your new partner that if you sleep together you might get something from it sound? Probably not very good!
Most have sex and they all have their own methods on keeping themselves safe. In reality the chances of a pregnancy or STD not happening if you never use protection and you are with multiple partners is very low! So please do not think you are invincible to this! Because you are not and you will not want to deal with something for the rest of your life for something that took two seconds to prevent!

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