Jealousy... How Far Will You Cross The Line?


Jealousy... How Far Will You Cross The Line?
When it comes to jealousy and trust where is the line that you should not cross in relationships?

With jealousy there is always a conflict on what is ok and what is not ok. Some people think it is perfectly fine to check their mates Facebook and emails to see what they are up too. But, why is that ok? Or is it? What boundaries should you not cross in a relationship when it comes to your own jealousy issues? 

I have never been a jealous person by nature. I figure if someone is going to cheat or go passed that line of trust they will do it. Regardless, what I say or do they will do it! And if you check their emails and Facebook you are already telling them you don't trust them. I have never thought it was ok to check my partner's emails or Facebook. What is the point of doing it? You will see something that will piss you off and it will start a fight over something that may be innocent.


There is always going to be a girl or guy that does not know you are in a relationship. So you can not punish that person for having someone come up to them and ask them out or for their number. Now, of course if they give it to them, then yes be upset. But, when someone is asking; they are in fact just asking! It doesn't mean they are going to get what they want. But fighting with your mate over something they had no control over is an endless fight. It makes no sense and they have every right to be upset with you for starting something they again had no control over. 

Back to checking your mates emails and Facebook; I have friends that have said that they had a relationship end because of their jealousy or because they were checking their mates Facebook 24/7 or checking their emails, if they had their passwords of course. Jealousy is a hard thing to contain and I understand that, but if you really want your partner in your life you will need to learn to fix that!

Most will not deal with crazy antics, because of being jealous. They may deal with it for a while, but in the end that will be the thing that pushes you two apart. If you have no trust in anyone you date, then why date? Trust, is one of the only things that holds a relationship together. Another is communication, so if you have issues with your jealousy, talk it out with your partner so they can know what upsets you and what doesn't. And if they continue to do what upsets you, maybe you need to find someone who won't cross that line for you. 

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