How to Escape A Bad Date


How to Escape A Bad Date
How to escape a date that you realize isn't going anywhere.

We have all been there and we have all had that awkward moment looking at our phones and the door wishing you were going through it at that exact moment and saying goodbye to this person and never seeing them ever again in your life. I am talking about the worst date ever! I was recently on a date that mirrored this exact situation and I was praying that my phone would ring and I could tell anyone even a telemarketer that they have saved me from this person and I would love them forever if they just stayed on the phone with me while I went through the spiel of the "family emergency" that would end my date.

Luckily for me my phone did ring and it was my Mom and I got out of this dreadful date. But what do you do if you don't receive a date saving phone call? My suggestion to all single people out there is to have a system when you are going out with new people. Have your friends know that you need them to call or text you at a certain time and have a code if the date is going horribly. I know this is sad that we can not be mature and tell the person we are having dinner with that there is no connection and that you have to go, but to save the embarrassment on both parts it is easier to just have a plan and then ignore the calls and texts from said person than have to go through explaining to that person why you did not click with them. I mean let's be honest would you want to know why someone did not mesh well with you? I didn't think so!


Another good system is to have your friends show up at the exact restaurant you are dining at with your date. That way if you end that date early then you can go back in to celebrate with your friends and have a night out with them. Hey you might as well not waste the night since you made the effort to get dressed up! And who knows you might meet someone who actually does connect well with you!

Dating should always be fun! I know most think it is draining and hard, but you do meet a lot of people along the way and hey you might get a lot of new friends from dating so don't think of it as work or something dreadful! Think of it as a journey and enjoy the ride! Who knows where you might end up!

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