Don't Let Your Addiction Ruin Your Dating Life


Don't Let Your Addiction Ruin Your Dating Life [EXPERT]
What should you do when your date chooses alcohol over you?

We have all dated someone with an addiction, whether you knew it or not. But once you find out about the addiction, do you continue to date this person or do you run for the hills? Some are able to recognize their shortcomings and seek treatment, but the vast majority hide from their addictions and when confronted by others about it,and then they lash out on that person.

So how much is too much when it comes to addiction? I dated a few men who thought that alcohol or their drug of choice was more important than me. In my experiences, I have always chosen to run for the hills. People who abuse alcohol and drugs are trying to escape from the root issue, what really causes them to do it. Most refuse to get help or think they can control it on their own which is wrong on so many levels. Only a professional can tell you when you are well enough where you can function without having your addiciton in the forefront of your mind. Remember the 12 step program? Why You Absolutely Must Date More Than One Guy At A Time


I was with someone who was always drinking, whether it was at their home alone or out socially with friends. Social drinking is fine, but drinking at home alone, in my opinion, is a sign of a full-blown alcoholic, no matter how much was had to drink. When it comes to relationships, when one of you is constantly drinking, it is very hard for the sober partners to handle; in their minds, they think they should be enough. What a they need to realize is that when a partner is drinking, it has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with the addicted person and his or her own struggles. Why You Suck At Online Dating

The best advice I can give anyone in this situation is to either run for the hills, have an intervention or just give up. You can never control a person and no matter how much the addicted partners may say they care for you, alcohol or drugs are their true love; you will never compare unless they seek treatment for the addiction. All I can say to the people in this situation is that you are better than this and someone worthy will come your way. Then, you will start to wonder why you were with that person for as long as you and you will ask yourself why did you waste your precious time! 5 Inexpensive Fall Date Night Ideas

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