The Top 10 Relationship Dealbreakers For Lesbian Couples


lesbian couples: dating dealbreakers
How you agree or disagree with your girlfriend can predict your compatibility as a couple.

6. Children: Some lesbians want children and some don't. Some will raise children from other relationships and some won't. Children may be the biggest dealbreaker for some. Be honest about your preference (or about offspring you already have) and ask her to be honest, too.

7. Cheating: If she cheats on you, it's a dealbreaker. As the old adage goes, "once a cheater, always a cheater." Of course, it's not true in every situation, but it's true often enough to be a dealbreaker.


8. Pets: Whether you hate dogs or just love cats, let her know. Allergies, childhood traumas or even a simple preference for a certain type of pet can create major problems when it becomes time to combine your households. Avoid future problems by discussing this potential dealbreaker early on.

9. Career: Career choice may seem like something that doesn't matter much when you're looking for Ms. Right, but it can create a huge rift in your relationship in the future. Will you be okay with an empty house if her job requires her to travel often or demands a lot of overtime? Will it be too nerve-racking for you if she has a dangerous job? Do you mind if she makes much more or much less money than you? Does her job require her to do something that conflicts with your values? Be aware of any potential career dealbreakers, and don't be afraid to call it quits over them.

10. Dishonesty: Even little lies can hide bigger problems. Did she lie about what she did last Saturday? Did she say she was staying home sick when she was really out dancing? When people lie about little things, they usually lie about big, important things too. If you can't trust her to tell you the truth, then that's a dealbreaker!

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