3 Surprising Dating Spots For Lesbians


3 Surprising Dating Spots For Lesbians
We tend to stick together in packs. This usually isn't a problem ... until you want a date.

Go Online
Websites like Planet Sappho, PinkCupid.com and GayGirlNet.com are great places to find local women in your area who also share your interests.

Attend Events
Are the Indigo Girls coming to your area? If you're looking to meet new lesbians, places like Indigo Girls concerts are a great place to start. Look for concerts, community events, and shows in your area that are likely to appeal to lesbians.


Go Out And Volunteer
A lot of lesbians are community minded and participate in a variety of volunteer activities. Meet new people and potential romantic partners by becoming involved in a cause you want to support. Try Big Brother Big Sisters, Habitat for Humanity, AIDS Rides or Breast Cancer Awareness Events. Not only will you feel great about helping out, you'll also meet some awesome new people.

Want more ideas on how to find lesbians to date in your local area? Visit this site to discover the "Top 10 Secret Local Hangouts Where You Can Find a Great Woman to Date."

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